With the largest number of states ever represented in its selection since its creation, this year's Brazilian Competition of Feature Films brings together Goiás, Mato Grosso, Pará, Paraná, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in an extremely diverse showcase. A portrait of the diversity of identities, affectivities, genders and struggles of our LGBTQI + population, the competition selection shows that it will not be easy to knock us down, in the movies and in life.

2017 João de Deus - O Silêncio é uma Prece 2014 Para Sempre Teu, Caio F. 2015 Paulinho da Viola (curta) 2013 Casas Brancas (curta) 2012 Alma Carioca (curta)


The life and work of Marina Lima - a woman ahead of her time and an artist who, for more than 40 years in her career, has been singing the yearnings of many generations

Alice Junior

Alice Junior is a trans youtuber full of freedom and surrounded by pampering. When moving with her father to a small city where the school seems to be stuck in the past, the young woman needs to survive high school and prejudice to achieve her greatest desire: to kiss for the first time.

I Am The Other One

Luca left his hometown twelve years ago, although he still maintains ties with the place and the people. He eventually returns to see the doctor accompanying his gender transition or to visit his brother and friends.


The revolutionary Indianara Siqueira leads a group of transgender women who fights for their survival in Brazil.

Mr. Leather

Dom PC, Kake, Deh Leather, and Maoriguy are contestans in the second edition of Mr. Leather Brazil.

Music For Bleeding Hearts

São Paulo, 2019, three hearts about to be broken. Ricardo is in a relationship, but nourishes a platonic love for Felipe, his newest co-worker.

The Battle of Shangri-la

João searches for his biological mother who abandoned him almost over 40 years ago. In a physical and emotional journey through deep Brazil, little by little, this woman’s past comes to light, breaking taboos of João’s convictions and prejudices.

The Blue Flower of Novalis

Marcelo, a 40-something dandy, owns a memory like no other. He relives familiar memories in his head and remembers his past lives.
Filmografia - Renata Taylor: Primeiro filme  Filmografia - Débora McDowell: 2017 Ruína (curta)  Filmografia - Bea Morbach: 2018 Solo Desaparecido (curta)


Melissa is 21-year-old college student and a mother, living in Para’s countryside; Marcelly, at 35, is unemployed and lives with her family in rural Amazonas.

Your Bones and Your Eyes

João, a middle-class filmmaker, goes through a series of encounters with people such as Irene, his long term friend, Álvaro, his boyfriend, Matias, a young man he sees in the subway and ends up having sex with, amongst other known and unknown faces.