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Talks about the present moment. With the aim of bringing complex issues closer to the general public through meetings between artists, researchers and other professionals, MixTalks are intersectional discussions on the most varied themes seeking reflections that lead us to the next step in the development of effective transforming actions.

In a theoretical-practical category, intersectionality focuses on multiple systems of oppression, articulating mostly on race, gender, identity and class issues. Thus, we search for bringing the discussions closer to reality, when a single individual assumes different political and social characteristics, with the aim of promoting even more incisive debates.

Art and decoloniality: New perspectives for Brazil

NOV 16 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil 🤟
Helena Vieira, Jup do Bairro, Natalia Mallo
Mediation: Ali Prando

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 14 anos

Demonstrations around the world took a fresh look at racial issues. Audiovisual in Brazil has been exhibiting and denouncing the realities of these bodies for years, especially LGBTQIA+. How can we think about this from now on? What are the possibilities for breaking negative stereotypes?

Helena Vieira – Writer, playwright and transfeminist.
Jup do Bairro – Multiartist, singer, songwriter and TV talk show host “TransMissão” by Canal Brasil.
Natalia Mallo – “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven” theater director.”
Ali Prando – Philosopher and gender and sexuality researcher.

Brazil is burning! the power of the ballroom culture

NOV 17 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil 🤟
Ademir Correa, Félix Pimenta, Luna Ákira
Mediation: Ali Prando

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 14 anos

A philosophy of life. A cultural movement. A party. A dance. A performative summons. From minorities such as trans, black, Latin and Caribbean people, the ballroom culture emerged to provide safe environments for marginalized and invisible people to hegemonic powers. Gaining more and more strength globally, as well as artistic and social manifestation layouts, what can be the legacy of the ballroom in Brazil? How did this celebration politically take place here and how important is it for the LGBTQIA+ community?

Ademir Correa – 
Journalist, master’s degree in audiovisual media.
Félix Pimenta – Independent artist, Amem collective member and ballroom scene pioneer
in Brazil.
Luna Ákira – Cultural producer and Vogue for Life project creator.
Ali Prando – Philosopher and gender and sexuality researche.

Bodies 3.0 – New subjectivities for dissident people

NOV 18 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil 🤟
Eduardo Victor, Victor Di Marco
Mediation: Ali Prando

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 14 anos

The body is a battlefield, a valuable enclave where speeches of power run all the time, where the aim is to delimit what is normal, desirable and healthy. Aspiring full citizenship to those who are functionally diverse, we will approach corporealities, identities and subjectivities present in the 21st century, discussing the obstacles where these bodies are placed be and how to access their humanities.

Eduardo Victor – Media producer and content creator on LGBTQIA+ people with disabilities.
O Que Pode um Corpo?” (Victor’s Body) actor, director, screenwriter and
Philosopher and gender and sexuality researcher.

Explicit Madonna: Growing old before the cameras

NOV 19 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil 🤟
Erika Palomino, Joanna Burigo, Marina Lima
Mediation: Ali Prando

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 14 anos

Madonna is one of the most revolutionary female artists of all time. Crossing decades of career, from the vinyl era to streaming platforms, she remains relevant, however, she is now taken as too old to be herself. What does Madonna have to teach us about aging? This panel is a fragment from the project “Explicit Madonna”, a cultural program that debates feminisms, gender politics and (non)identity through the work of the most important pop artist of the 20th century.

Erika Palomino – “Elle Brasil” columnist and São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP) current director. “Elle Brasil” columnist and São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP) current director.
Joanna Burigo – Writer and Emancipa Mulher (a feminist emancipation school in Porto Alegre) coordinator.
Marina Lima – Brazilian singer and songwriter, Mix Brazil Icon in 2019.
Ali Prando – Philosopher and gender and sexuality researcher.


Is pornography an art?

NOV 20 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil  🤟
Bruna Kury, Daniel Nolasco, Luiza Rolla
Mediation: Ali Prando

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 14 anos

In the long history of humankind, artistic representations of sex have always been present, whether in sculptures, paintings and later, in cinema. Now, more than ever, living under the Pharmacopornographic Era we are surrounded by gadgets and devices that excite us and mediate our relationship with desire. Pornography is the cinema of the body: as much as any artistic platform, it can be a place that reflects our desires, pleasures, fears and taboos. While mainstream pornography is still heterocentric, one must consider: How can it be used to free bodies and identities? How to hack mass pornographic platforms and create other forms of body use and desire?

Bruna Kury – Performer and audiovisual anarcha-transfeminist artist.
Daniel Nolasco- “Paulistas” (2017) and “Mr. Leather” (2019) documentaries and “Vento Seco” (2020) feature film director.
Luiza Rolla – Actress, performer, educator and pornographer.
Ali Prando – Philosopher and gender and sexuality researcher.

Touch yourself – The female body beyond eroticizing

NOV 21 » 6pm @ Youtube MixBrasil 🤟
Gabriela Garcia, Gaia Qav, Márcia Zuliani
Mediation: Barbara Falcão

  • Duration: 90′
  • Rating: 16 anos

This roundtable discussion on feminism will debate the fact that we live under a patriarchal society where female bodies are hypersexualized whereas women’s sexuality is ignored. Sexual freedom, female masturbation and some other topics that are still treated as taboo will be carefreely discussed.

Gabriela Garcia – 32 years old, media activist, cultural producer, feminist, mother of 3 and
@vulva_livre Instagram page creator.
Gaia Qav – My Clitoris My Rules project creator, sex educator, an exact sciences woman who studies humanities, digital inquirer and worklover in her spare time.
Marcia Zuliani – Sexologist, nutritionist, pompoarist, shameless, positive sexuality enthusiast, feminist. Aims to encourage people to be released and sexually satisfied.
Barbara Falcão – Teacher, writer and São Paulo University master’s student. Bloco Siriricando, a lesbian/bi visibility block in São Paulo carnival, founder and organizer.


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