Theater has been a Mix Brasil constant feature for more than 20 years with many different genres: dramatic readings, premieres, performances, reruns of previously staged productions. Mostly, it’s always been a mixture of all this. From this year on, Theater in Scene gains a new and original format, in order to encourage the powerful LGBTQIA+ themed Brazilian theatrical production. Unpublished texts selected from a call carry out staging sketches, enabling projects to be presented getting a seal of approval and still competing for jury and public prizes before they even debut. Fifty-seven projects were registered and we had the difficult task of selecting only the fantastic six that are part of this first edition of the Dramática Award. Break a leg!

Ele sente muito que precisa ganhar; para isso, alguma outra coisa precisa ser criada


He feels very much that he needs to win; thus, something else needs to be created.

Manifest Virus – Where are my slippers?!…

On a journey from the 1980s to the present day, we followed flashes of Clessi, Davi and Naná's track records – all of them affected by the HIV –, each one in his time, and their relationship with seropositivity their before and after memories, their reminiscences, their follies, their mindless faith...


From the memories of mini-fags, mini-trannies, and n-babies, as well as videos broadcast on Brazilian television (between the years 1990s and 2000s), situations arise that evoke cis primary school teachers.


Felício is a retired butler who worked most of his life in a traditional family home. In his spare time, he used to enjoy the gay nightlife, even though he hid his sexual condition from others. Tired of being alone, he makes an unexpected decision: he applies for the drum queen position in a samba school, despite being a senior citizen.

The Antique Wardrobe

The Antique Wardrobe" experiment is a virtual performance based on a casting process, with the candidates involved in the recording of a meta porn video

Wonder! Come to the wild side

In this (cre)action feat we evoke Claudia Wonder! In her track records of many arts, lives and affections, Claudia is the present time that crosses the essence of being Brazilian from the 1970s to the 2000s, amalgamating the history that is being told of the world.