In a year of pandemic and political crisis, Mix Literário enters its third
edition, as part of the programming of the 28th Mix Brasil Festival of
Cultural Diversity, adapting to this new conjuncture of social isolation and
resisting the Brazilian cultural dismantling marked by a LGBTQIAphobic
politics, proposing meetings and creative agendas that increasingly
link the interests of our community to a literary art committed to the
complexities of a world in a rapidly reconfiguration process.
Mix Literário Award, in this second edition, it also welcomes male and
female authors from other Portuguese-speaking countries, who can also
be awarded with the celebrated Silver Rabbit of the Festival. We also
present the first Caio Fernando Abreu Literature Award, in partnership
with the prestigious Editora Reformatório, which will publish an original
work related to the queer theme.
To resist is to strengthen bonds.



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