Born last year, the Voices of the Real Brazil showcase continues to prove its power, amplifying speeches
and experiences in a country convulsed by its internal contradictions. This year, the debates include
old age among gay men, the presence of trans people in sports, the new practices in sexuality and the
experience of being an LGBTQIA+ filmmaker in Brazil today.

Cinema Of Love

The intimacy of a couple of gay filmmakers trying to survive in the context of the far-right rising in Brazilian politcs.

Nice to Meet You

A documentary that looks over the contemporary LGBTQIA+ sexuality. The recent arrival in Brazil of two new forms of prevention – PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), drugs that promise greater efficacy against HIV/Aids transmission and contagion – enable an intense exercise of sexual practices, bringing new forms of care beyond the use of condoms. Through an intimate and observational record, the film strips of all moral judgement to dive into the user’s daily lives of PrEP, bringing up reflections about desire, sex and protection.

Pink Men

Nine gay men share their memories with the filmmaker: Carlos Eduardo Valente, Celso Curi, José Ronaldo, Julio Rosa, Eduardo Fraga, Luis Baron, Tony Alano, Paulinho Gouvêa, and Wladimir Soares. Their first desires, the sexuality awakening, the hustle and bustle of their gay youth in a country under military dictatorship, the Aids epidemic devastation, the struggle with losses and the stigma, the party as a territory of resistance. The thoughts on the passing of time for gay men growing old in current Brazil through the voices of proud survivors.

Who can play?

A documentary that reveals how four brave transsexual athletes train, play and face the barriers of prejudice in sport. The director follows, from the point of view of the athletes themselves, and with non judgemental eyes, the routine of the 10-year-old skater girl Maria Joaquina, the intense training of the bodybuilder Juliano Ferreira, the journey of the volleyball player Isabela Neris, and the challenges from MMA and jiu jitsu fighter Anne Viriato, a woman who likes to face men in the octagon.