Democracy and LGBTQIA+ are terms that stand together. Against the torment of Brazil 2020, strength and courage

Only in Brazil @ InnSaei


While Brazil prepares to host the World Cup and to receive Pope Francis, a wave of pornoterrorists performances shocks the country. In this film we see how the boundaries of life and work blend together in this visceral artist’s path.

Rasga Mortalha

Animation made from more than a thousand drawings in stop motion, inspired by the owl “Suindara” – a wellknown folktale in Northern Brazil – to address the socio-political urgencies of the country.

Out Of Place

After second round of Brazil’s 2018 presidential election, a young lesbian take refuge all alone in her family’s farm. As she tries to understand why her mother chose to spend the last days of her life in a small old house, she is faced with revelations about her own story.

Sinless Land

A documentary that addresses the issue of sexual diversity among the indigenous people of Brazil. Currently, indigenous LGBTQIA+ suffer prejudice from their own relatives, who reproduce behavior that is not part of their traditions; and when they leave their villages for urban centers, they suffer double prejudice, for being indigenous and for being LGBTQIA+.