Women in charge – with a ball at their foot, with a guitar in hand, with a raised fist!

Only in Brazil @ InnSaei

Anti-corpos: Pieces Of a Queer Tour

In 2019, the queer-punk band Anti-Corpos decides to return to Brazil and undertake a north-south tour. The film is a portrait of this journey, being guided by the impressions and feelings of the band members.

La Vida Es Corta / Life Is Short

Lu and Jose, two lesbians friends, get caught on an endless adventure just the night before Lu holds her last college exam.

All I Need is a Ball

Paloma Pujol, footbag world champion, is the only female freestyler in Spain. She’s 31 years old and knows that soon her body will not respond to the demands of this sport. But she can’t retire without knowing that other girls are following her steps.