The vibrant season of 2020 short films inevitably bears the scar of the pandemic in its production and themes. But not only the selection of the Short Film Competition shows the critical effects of the quarantine, but it also branches across varied fields, such as suspense and horror, aesthetic and visual explorations, the understanding of the body, and historical inheritances; both in films from big national capitals as well as cities like Pelotas, Vila Velha and Uberlândia, we’ll see stories of lyricism, catharsis and poetry.

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Victor’s Body

A baby is born, but does not cry. A body screams and is not heard. Paints that run in a promised future do not reach a person with a disability. Victor makes himself the canvas in a universe of absent painters.

Gaze Club

Please do not enter with clothes on.

The Bite

In a laboratory, male mosquitoes are modified in order to transmit a lethal gene to the females. A man and a woman, both cisgender, and a trans woman live in a polyamorous relationship. Against the reactionary epidemic, there is intimacy and reproduction autonomy.