The vibrant season of 2020 short films inevitably bears the scar of the pandemic in its production and themes. But not only the selection of the Short Film Competition shows the critical effects of the quarantine, but it also branches across varied fields, such as suspense and horror, aesthetic and visual explorations, the understanding of the body, and historical inheritances; both in films from big national capitals as well as cities like Pelotas, Vila Velha and Uberlândia, we’ll see stories of lyricism, catharsis and poetry.

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Private Photos

The guest finally knocks at the door. The couple Rafa e Matheus got to deal with the excitement and weirdness that a third person’s presence brings to their flat.

Pink Octopi

The process of discovering love, desire, sexuality, intimacy, perplexity, life after motherhood, the feminine, anchors, witchcraft, fears and volcanoes.

The last romantics of the world

2050. The world as we know is about to become extinct by a pink cloud. Far away from the urban chaos, Pedro and Miguel only seek eternity.