Nine feature films make up this year's Competition, in a selection strongly
defined by a deep investigation of affectivities and identities. This group
of films from the states of Goiás, Paraná, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and the
Federal District ranges from the most minimal, intimate and confessional
stories to great essays on rebellion or the takeover of their LGBTQIA +
protagonists’ place in the world.


Wilma Azevedo is a 74-year-old dominatrix and erotica short tale writer. But she is also Edivina Ribeiro, mother of 3, dedicated wife and religious woman. Which one created the other? Official selection at Berlinale and Queer Lisboa.

Dry Wind

In July, the dry wind and low humidity dry the skin of a small city residents. Sandro divides his days between the city club, work, soccer with friends and city parties. . He has a relationship with Ricardo, his co-worker. r. But his routine begins to change with the arrival of Maicon, a boy who pikes up his interest and of which everyone knows very little.


Baghdad is a 17-year-old female skater, who lives in Freguesia do Ó, a working-class neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Baghdad skateboards with a group of male friends and spends a lot of time with her family and with her mother’s friends. Together, the women around her form a network of people who are out of the ordinary. When Baghdad meets a group of female skateboarders, her life suddenly changes.

Sexual Alphabet

SINOPSE: The film portrays André’s current love affair with his boyfriend Hudson from a set of pornographic and psychedelic experiments that forge both the couple and their doubts regarding the very conditions of the romance they are experiencing.

Southern Sorceresses

A group of LGTBQIA+ performers take to the streets of São Paulo to deconstruct, with talent and humor, all the pre-established concepts. The street thus becomes a territory of struggles, where the convergence of black, indigenous resistances, sexual diversities, urban occupation and roofless workers creates a singular polyphony between fiction and reality, which also gives voice to passersby.

The Mothers of Derick

A portrait of the daily lives of four young mothers raising a nine-year-old son in a small town on the southern coast of Brazil. Lesbians, feminists, anarchists, non-monogamists, they build with their own hands a house in an occupation area in the middle of a forest, even with the imminent threat of expulsion by the police.

The Tower

André is in crisis, he isolates himself in a forest. A lightning falls from the sky, the forces of nature act upon his body Between insomnia and the dreams that take him to the past, he’s visited by his youth, his ex-wife and his daughter.


An autobiographical documentary made by a mother who follows the gender transition of her adolescent son: between 2016 and 2019 she interviews him addressing the conflicts, certainties and uncertainties that pervade him in a deep search for his identity. At the same time, the mother, revealed through a firstperson narration and by her voice behind the camera that talks to her son, also goes through a process of transformation required by the situation that life presents her with by breaking old paradigms, facing fears and dismantling prejudices.


Valentina, a 17-year-old girl, moves to the countryside of Brazil with her mother Márcia to start fresh. Toa void being bullied in her new school, Valentina tries to enroll with her new name and hopes to be private about her gender history.