27º Festival Mix Brasil

Try To Understand What I Try to Say

Also available in: Português

NOV 15 – 3pm @ CCSP – Sala Paulo Emílio
NOV 20 – 7pm @ Spcine Olido

DIRECTION: Emília Silveira
COUNTRY: Brazil (RJ)
YEAR: 2019

Cast: Pierre Ferraz, Joyce Silva Araújo, Brunna Valin, Silvia Almeida, Bia Nickytinha, Ramon Nunes Mello
Screenplay: Miguel Paiva, Emília Silveira
Cinematography: Jacques Cheuiche
Editing: Vinicius Nascimento
Sound: Bernardo Uzeda, Frederico Massine
Production: Luciana Boal Marinho, Alberto Graça, Daniel de Souza

SYNOPSIS: Documentary on the strength of collectiveness and activism for transforming people and re-shaping realities marked by HIV’s issues. A counterpoint to disinformation, the films depicts how life can be full of possibilities by following the daily life of six HIV-positive characters, from various social backgrounds, sexual and religion orientations.

AGE RATING: 12 y/o

2019 Callado
2017 Silêncio no Estúdio
2017 Galeria F
2014 Setenta

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