27º Festival Mix Brasil

Sun Inside

Also available in: Português

NOV 14 – 5pm @ Spcine Olido
NOV 20 – 7pm @ CCSP – Sala Paulo Emílio

COUNTRY: Brazil (RJ)
YEAR: 2019

Cast: Caio Neves, Karolayne Rabech, Junior Sousa, Ronaldo Lessa
Screenplay: Jô Serfaty, Isaac Pipano, Ricardo Fogliatto, Caio Neves, Karolayne Rabech, Junior Sousa, Ronaldo Lessa
Cinematography: Pedro Pipano
Editing: Cristina Amaral
Sound: Guilherme Farkas, Ariel Henrique
Production: Júlia Motta, Rodolfo Almeida

SYNOPSIS: It’s summer and Karol, Junior, Ronaldo, and Caio are attending their last month of a Rio de Janeiro Public school. When their break finally arrives, temperatures rise up to 40ºC. Entangled with the power lines that cover the favela’s skies and the sudden blackouts, these four young people are affected by a city in crisis and reinvent themselves in spite of adversity.

AGE RATING: 14 y/o

2017 A Ilha do Farol (curta)
2015 Imóvel (curta)
2014 Peixe (curta)
2013 Sobre a Mesa (curta)
2012 Confete (curta)

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