27º Festival Mix Brasil


Also available in: Português

NOV 15 - 6pm @ CCSP - Sala Adoniran Barbosa
NOV 19 - 8pm @ CCSP - Sala Adoniran Barbosa

210 seats (60’) – FOR 18+


Through special sound with texts that have been censored throughout history, and inspired by Alberto Manguel’s book A biblioteca à noite (The Library at Night), Teatro da Pombagira creates a setting that reveals pieces left on the highest shelves, locked up or even gotten out of circulation because of their queer or fantastic content. In the play, the audience is given headphones to be able to hear whispers from the censored words, and, in contrast, performers take over the space and create imagery that some times help the plot and others, confuse understanding.

Direção: Marcelo D’Avilla e Marcelo Denny
Produção geral: Marcelo D’Avilla
Trilha sonora: Renato Navarro
Desenho de luz: François Monetti
Operação de luz: Quinho Gonça
Performers: Andres Vallejos, Andrew Tassinari, Hugo Faz, Lua Negrão, Marcelo D’Avilla, Mateus Rodrigues, Renato Teixeira, Ricardo Mesquita, Snoo, Walmir Bess, Wesley Lima e Zen Damasceno Curadoria de textos: Ferdinando Martins
Cenografia: Denise Fujimoto
Fotos: Rick Barneschi

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