27º Festival Mix Brasil


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Multi-artist, Jup do Bairro found in the arts, in mid 2007, the possibility to bring her experiences to life. Throughout her trajectory, she’s worked as an educator, spokesperson, styling, actress, singer, performer and event planner, all of it self-taught and shining a light on the narratives that have crossed her fat, black, marginalized, travesti body.

Jup do Bairo has followed Linn da Quebrada as a backing vocalist on her tours Pajubá and Trava Línguas, in Brazil and other countries. In parallel, Jup has garnered attention with her project Bad do Bairro, made with and featuring DJ and musical producer Badsista.

In 2019, Jup debuted on brazilian TV on Canal Brasil network, where she hosts, alongside Linn da Quebrada, the unprecedented talk show TransMissão, and also released her single “Corpo Sem Juízo” (Unapologetic Body) and a crowdfunding campaign to produce a visual album, to be released in early 2020.

NOV 16 – 6PM @ CCSP – Sala Adoniran Barbosa
NOV 17 – 5PM @ CCSP – Sala Adoniran Barbosa

Curated by André Pomba, New Talents – Drag, is one of the most waited for attractions of Mix Brasil Festival, and once more is awarding the drag queen who performs best and earns the audience and the jury’s attention on CCSP’s stage.

NOV 16 – 6PM @ CCSP – Sala Adoniran Barbosa
NOV 17 – 5PM @ CCSP – Sala Adoniran Barbosa

A talent show, hosted by André Pomba, awarding the best performer.

NOV 19 – 8pm @ Centro Cultural da Diversidade

The impact of Beyoncé’s latest productions, the last two albums BEYONCÉ (2013) and Lemonade (2015), has been so strong that led to the offering of courses in universities around the world, as in Copenhagen, Harvard and Rutgers, which inspired this activity. Assuming that pop culture mirrors the current social and political landscapes,”Politizando Beyoncé: raça, gênero e sexualidade” [Beyonce as Politics, race, gender and sexuality] analizes the artist’s aesthetics, encouraging reflections on topics related to the entertainment industry, the dynamics of spectacle and connecting those with racial, gender and sexuality splits. With Ali Prando, philosopher and CNPq researcher on gender, sexuality and feminism through butlerian perspectives, and Maya Ribeiro, post-graduate in psychology, social educator that proposes through black feminism the base transformation and educational empowerment on Uneafro Brasil.

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