27º Festival Mix Brasil


Also available in: Português


In the year in which her debut album Simples Como Fogo turns 40, Marina Lima is also the subject of the doc A Girl Called Marina that is part of 27th MixBrasil Festival’s Brazilian Competition. Through the eyes of filmaker Candé Salles, we get to understand the motivations of her artwork, personal life and enlightened career. Impossible not to be personal when talking about someone that marked the lives of so many for never conforming to labels but always taking a stance for what she loves and believes.

More than a composer and the voice of songs that are hymns for several generations, marina represents the image of the talented and restless beauty driven by the need to question and evolve.

After Gus Van Sant and João Nery, honoured of the award in the first two editions, Marina Lima is Icon Mix in 2019 and always.

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