27º Festival Mix Brasil

Guaicurus Street

Also available in: Português

NOV 14 – 7pm @ Spcine Olido
NOV 17 – 7pm @ CCSP – Sala Paulo Emílio

DIRECTION: João Borges
COUNTRY: Brazil (MG)
YEAR: 2019

Cast: Ariadina Paulino, Elizabeth Miguel, Shirley Santos, Carlos Francisco
Screenplay: João Borges
Cinematography: Lucas Barbi
Editing: Fabian Remy
Sound: Lucas Oscilloid, Victor Brandão
Production Design: Mol Thais
Production: Mariana Andrade

SYNOPSIS: Located in downtown Belo Horizonte, Guaiacurus St. is one of the biggest prostitution spots in Brazil since the 1950s. Currently over 25 hotels are ran around it, with over 3 thousand sex workers. The film reveals this humongous sex complex through situations born from its characters relationships.

AGE RATING: 18 y/o

2016 Kappa Crucis (curta)
2015 Moto-Perpétuo (curta)
2014 Tigre (curta)
2011 Cajaíba (curta)

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