27º Festival Mix Brasil


Also available in: Português

NOV 17 – 8pm @ Itaú Augusta 4
NOV 20 – 5:30pm @ CCSP – Sala Lima Barreto

AGE RATING: 16 y/o

SIRENE – Netherlands . 2017 . 26’ . dir. Zara Dwinger
15-year-old Kay lives a boy’s life among friends and roaring dirt bikes. When Melody literally enters his life, his true self forces itself. He looks at her with wonder and admiration, but not like most teenage boys look at girls. A film about confusion, friendship and becoming who you are.

Father Figure – Netherlands . 2019 . 25’ . dir. Bibi Fadlalla
Documentary about what does it mean to be young, black and gay in today’s world. Guilliano (26) is the founding father of The Kiki House of Angels, a Vogue dance community. Most of its members are young black gay men who experience racism and marginalization in everyday life. Vogueing offers a temporary escape; in order to survive and be a role model to his son, he feels he has to hide certain parts of his personality.

YULIA & JULIET – Netherlands . 2018 . 12’ . dir. Zara Dwinger
In a juvenile delinquent center, two girls find comfort in love for each other. Once one of them gets released, they don’t know how to deal with this and both seek for a solution, with tragic consequences – A contemporary love story based on the motives of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

DANTE vs MOHAMMED ALI – Netherlands . 2018 . 27’ . dir. Marc Wagenaar
Twenty-year-old Wolf is living in the boxing village of the Netherlands. When he has to fight his best friend, Alexander, during a weekly match, he refuses.

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