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It’s 2019, and everything we feared most happened. A cultural war has been declared unilaterally and aimed education, culture, science and minorities, especially the LGBTQI+ population.

Past the first bewilderment moment, we could see the cultural scene so-called “thematic” reacting vigorously. Never before have we’ve produced and talked so much about identity and rights. There were 158 short films and 28 feature films signed at the 27th Mix Brasil, which were produced in Brazil between late 2018 and mid-2019, dealing with sexual diversity – from these, we selected 56. We have watched and received material from over thirty theatrical performances addressing this theme. A large number of trans, queer, gay, lesbian and non-binary artists were featured in the Brazilian music scene this year marked by the word “Resistance” – which was precisely the theme of Mix Brasil 2018.

This year, more than resisting, we must persist – a word that comes from Latin and means ‘hold on tight’. It is important to stay united by seeking and sharing common interests and areas among our many bubbles. Persisting together, we earn power and strength. And yes, we do have reasons to celebrate. In the Brazilian Short Films Competition, among the 16 selected films, we have 11 female directors. There has never been such a large presence of black people portrayed in the movies, nor so many works looking at the Amazon.

The Games axis debuted last year and becomes stronger with every step – for the first time, there will be a competition. The fifth edition of our Conference, through 13 roundtable discussions, will move forward on topics such as the pathways of black and LGBTQI+ music production that have emerged from the peripheries, invisible film women,  depathologization and hormonal treatments of transgender people, and the future of working relationships from the LGBTQI+ perspective.

The Gongo Show celebrates its 20th anniversary with an All Stars edition. Literary Mix, in its turn, already established as one of the main forums of national LGBTQI+ literary production, takes place in the renewed Mário de Andrade Library.

Speaking of spaces, in addition to our traditional headquarters – São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP), CineSesc, Itaú Cinema Space and Cine Olido –, this year we return to the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), our first home, participating in the new Cultural Center of Diversity programming, from the São Paulo’s Secretariat of Culture. Marina Lima, the absolute cool diva of Brazilian music who has always questioned labels, is the one to be honored with the Icon Mix award.

We at Mix Brasil Festival of Cultural Diversity are proud to be part of the movement that is
making São Paulo a beacon in the darkness that threatens to advance over Brazil.

André Fischer, Josi Geller and the Mix Brasil team