For the third year on the row, Mix Brasil promotes the MixLab Spcine, an event designed to advance the exchange of experiences and professional relationships,
through presentations, lectures, and debates.
Filmmakers presenting works at the Festival and other audiovisual professionals from Brazil and abroad, will meet at the Cinemateca and the Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), on November 19th and 20th.



10H – 11H INTRODUÇÃO – 60min

introduction selected directors / pitch your works

The 3rd MixLab Spcine opening act proposes a presentation of all selected films representatives. We’ve invited directors and/or their
representatives to introduce, briefly and concisely, themselves and the work they represent at the Festival..

11H – 11H45 Cinematography: latin-american identity – 45min

Helena Ignez (Brasil) / Ruth Caudeli (Colombia) / Sebastian Silva (Chile/USA)

MixLab Spcine welcomes Latin-American filmmakers to discuss the production and exhibition process in Brazil and abroad, in order
to think of a Latin identity, concerning its social features inserted in contemporary films. They had their films shown in film festivals
around the world and can talk about the different audiovisual realities under diverse perspectives, in many countries and industries.

11h45 – 12H30 Acting: ways of performative – 45min

Ana Flavia Cavalcanti / Silvia Varon / Gilda Nomacce

Reflection on the female performative. How to deconstruct heterocentric woman’s performative to move around in a performance
where other forms of gestures are presupposed, by which the identity, mainly the gender ones, is built at and through a discourse
of someone always in progress, “where the identity, of a woman, is an ever-changing, a construction with no origin or end”
(Cássio Araújo Rocha).

12h45 – 13h30  Directing actors: build the action – 45min

Marcelo Caetano

In the class, some of the relationships between the work of the director and the actors will be discussed, from casting to the film set, to
preparing and rewriting the script from the tests.



11H – 12H Directing actors: build the action – 60min
Heloisa Passos  / João Monteiro / Matheus Rocha

How to transform an idea into a (moving) image? How to translate a song into image? MixLab Spcine brought two important
contemporary cinematographers who have worked either with feature films (fiction or documentaray) or musical videos together to
discuss the role of a professional in the creative process in film.

12H – 13H Director duos: challenges and benefits – 60min

Thais Guisasola / Simon (e) J. Paetau (O Sussurro do Jaguar)
Filipe Matzembacher / Marcio Reolon (Tinta Bruta)

The debate proposes that the directors duo talk about the collective experience of materializing the filmic idea, from different
perceptions and sensibilities. Talking to the other is also thinking of freedom and respect.


13h15 – 13h45 spcine play new platforms: cinema at home – 30min
Alessandra Dorgan, Daniel Celli

A chat on the market with the most knowledgeable audiovisual people in São Paulo – Spcine, that has just launched Spcine Play. In
the 3rd MixLab, Spcine Play manager Alessandra Dorgan and São Paulo Film Commission coordinator Daniel Celli introduce the many
Spcine audiovisual projects in São Paulo city.

13h45 – 14h30  Cine game: from the move script to the game – 45min
Arthur Protasio, Tiani Pixel, Marina Pecoraro

How do the games tell their stories? Why do we live in a transmidia era? How to produce screenplays for interactive narratives that
dialogue with the audiovisual? How to bring up the discussion about gender representation and the appreciation of diversity in these
works? To discuss these questions, storytelling writer and designer Arthur Protasio and game developer Tiani Pixel will present their
narrative experiences and perspectives for the future of producing more diverse content in which everyone feels represented in the