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As its tradition of boldness and urgency suggests, the national short films have been a space for representation and battle front of the most present issues in our society. The Brazilian Competition is no different: from the countryside of Minas Gerais, from Rio’s prisons, from the effervescent outskirts of São Paulo or from the furious Recife music scene, the legitimation of affections, the affirmation of individualities and the celebration of races and cultures are confrontations that our short film directors approach with courage, vigor and personal vision.

NOV 15 – 7pm @ Museu da Imagem e do Som
NOV 17 – 7:30pm @ CCSP – Sala Lima Barreto
NOV 19 – 3:30pm @ CCSP – Sala Lima Barreto

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Depois Daquela Festa

After That Party

Léo had never imagined he would see his dad kissing another man in the middle of a party… Until it happened. Now, with the help of his best friend Carol, he has to find the most perfect way to tell his dad that he found out about his secret.


A group of young lesbians from São Paulo go on a trip to a remote beach for the new year's celebration. There they relax, make music and build an emotional refuge for their bodies and affections.
A situação da população transgênera masculina no cárcere a partir dos problemas de saúde acarretados pelo binarismo de gênero que embasa o sistema penal.

Invisible Men

The situation of the transgender male population in prison, regarding the health problems caused by the gender binary that underlies the penal system.


The intimacy of Hugo and Magda (a long standing couple) who are resigned to living out their fantasies independently of one another.